Duncan Phyfe Dining Table Repair & Refinish for the McBrayer Family

Duncan Phyfe Dining Table Repair & Refinish for the McBrayer Family

Hi Friends and Happy Tuesday! Today we sharing a stunning repair/refinish of a GORGEOUS Duncan Phyfe dining table that we recently refinished for the McBrayer family. Mrs. McBrayer initially contacted us because their dining room table was almost unusable due to the poor condition of the legs and feet, and was in disparate need of a little TLC. They were splitting and separating because of the age of the table. You see, this beauty was a family heirloom that Mrs. McBrayer’s grandmother passed down to her. So, she was not planning on getting rid of it any time soon. This meant that it was imperative that it was fixed as soon as possible before the extent of the damage WORSENED.

We began by fully stripping, sanding, and cleaning the entire table. Once we had that completed, we were able to get to work on our repairs. This part was the most TEDIOUS because we had to be extremely GENTLE because the wood was very DELICATE while CAUTIOUSLY removed the legs and all of the old glue. Also several legs were broken, and the pillar holding each was cracked and separating as well. 

When we received the table, not all of the legs had fallen off, but they were all loose and heading in that direction. This was due to the fact that as each one separated and fell off, more STRAIN was being placed on the remaining legs which was causing them to loosen as well.  Also, some of the portions were broken entirely, and if they were not repaired properly, it could cause significant issues with the stability and support of the entire table. And we definitely did NOT want that to happen. So, we took our time to ensure that we securely pieced each portion back to its original form.

brandi table collage 12

Legs and feet splitting and cracking. Glued areas were becoming loose, or letting go altogether and feet were coming off of wooden dowels that were supporting them. A few legs were worse than others, but all were beginning to separate and it wouldn’t have been long before they would have all separated due to pressure from supporting the table without the help of the missing legs.

Once we made sure all of our repairs were completed on our legs and feet, we were able to flip the table over and work on the top. Since we already stripped, sanded, and cleaned the entire table before beginning out repairs, we were able to move right along to repairing our top. There were a few deep nicks, surface scratches, and some chipped veneer (especially on edging) that we needed to fill and buff out in order to ensure a smooth finish for our stain.

brandi table collage 4

There were several scorch marks from Grandma’s hotplates, nicks, scratches, and wood veneer chipped along edges from wear and tear over the years.

Once we had all of our repairs completed, we were able to begin applying stain to this beauty. The McBrayer family asked that we keep the finish color as close to original as possible. We ended up going with a beautiful Red Mahogany stain. This stain color is a CLASSIC and offers a mixture of deep, rich browns with a lovely hint of red. It really helped to bring this heirloom back to life!

After applying several coats of our stain to get to our desired color,  we allowed everything to fully dry. The week we were completing all of our finish work, it rained here in Louisiana. Literally… ALL WEEK LONG! So, the humidity did extend our drying times a bit, and we definitely never want to move on to our next step before ensuring that everything is fully dry. Once we felt confident that our stain had set, we cleaned up the caps on all of our feet and sprayed them in a nice Oil-Rubbed Bronze Metallic paint. Then we sealed everything to ensure this family heirloom stays looking BEAUTIFUL FOR YEARS TO COME!

(I even caught a little video for y’all of Patrick spraying it… https://www.facebook.com/chelettesdecorandmore/videos)

And here is our FINISHED product…

brandi table collage 13

BEFORE and AFTER pictures of our top…

brandi table collage 1

brandi table collage 2

brandi table collage 3

brandi table collage 5

brandi table collage 7

Here are our BEFORE and AFTER pictures of our legs and feet:

brandi table collage 10

brandi table collage 8

brandi table collage 9

brandi table collage 14

Thank you again to the McBrayer family for entrusting us with the repair/refinish of your dining table! Y’all were an absolute PLEASURE to work with and we hope your family enjoys many family meals around it! 🙂

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