Dress Up Cabinet Built For A Princess

Dress Up Cabinet Built For A Princess

Hi Friends! Check out this Elegant Dress Up Cabinet that we just finished up for one of our sweet little clients! She is super girly and has LOTS of dress up clothes, and needed a space to help ORGANIZE all of her play things. So, we worked together with her mamma to create this beautiful cabinet to help store all of her dress up clothes in one space. The added shelving on the side is large enough to store each of her 18″ American Girls dolls, as well as their accessories. So, they will have their own special place as well.

This piece is solid and super heavy, so there will not be any worry of it turning over on top of her. It features a rod for neatly hanging dress up clothes, a 4 sided bin underneath for shoes, purses, and toys, and half backs on each shelf to ensure nothing falls behind the cabinet. And to add a touch of class, we added lots of  extra trim and scroll work, and finished it off with a fabulous coat of Pearl glaze! Talk about a dress up cabinet built for a PRINCESS! ;)

Thanks again to the Aleman family for giving us the opportunity to build this for your special girl. We had so much fun working on this together with y’all. <3

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