Don’t Cry Over A Can Of Spilled Glaze

Don’t Cry Over A Can Of Spilled Glaze

What do you do when you accidentally knock over a can of glaze? You have a GLAZING PARTY, of course! Y’all… this stuff is like LIQUID GOLD around here! We use it ALL OF THE TIME, and the closest place that we can purchase it from is a 30+ minute drive in either direction.

So, when I was moving my project the other day and accidentally hit the can of glaze, it was like everything suddenly went in SLOW MOTION! I just couldn’t grab the can fast enough before it tipped over. THANKFULLY, everyone quickly grabbed a brush and started glazing. And they were so HAPPY to help too! I LOVE THESE SMILING FACES in this picture. <3

Sometimes in life, you just have to roll with the punches and make the best out of whatever situation you are handed. And for us, it was a spilled can of glaze.

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