DIY End Table Up-Cycled Into A Puppy Bed

DIY End Table Up-Cycled Into A Puppy Bed

Hi Friends! We have a NEW DIY project for y’all this week! It is an end table that we UPCYCLED into a puppy bed! And let us tell y’all, this is a project that just about ANYONE can tackle! It is so EASY, and requires NO POWER TOOLS! So, this would be PERFECT for  BEGINNING DIYers!

Here’s the STORY behind this piece…We purchased this end table for $5.00 last year. (It was a deal that we simply COULD NOT pass up!) At the time, we didn’t really have a purpose for it, so it ended up getting pushed to the side until we were able to find a use for it.

Now, FAST FORWARD 1 year later… Our sweet puppy, Gingerbread, likes to hang out with us throughout the day. She has her own little PUPPY CAVE in our office, but when we are out in our workshop, she had nowhere to lay down and rest. So, she would just sadly stand there staring at us. (She was subliminally saying, “Please make me a place to lay down.”)  HAHA!

Well, IT WORKED! So, we began the search for a set of plans for a puppy bed. We ran across a little end table on Pinterest that someone had upcycled into a puppy bed, and we immediately thought that it would be PERFECT! We pulled out our little end table from the year prior, and got to work…. And the rest is HISTORY!

1. This is what our poor end table looked like before we started: (NOT a pretty sight)

dog bed 1

2. We flipped it over and removed the legs. With the legs removed, it was easier for us to sand and refinish.

dog bed 2

3. After sanding our legs and top, we removed our drawer and permanently reattached the drawer front. This way, there will not be a hole in the front of our bed. We then added our Dap Plastic Wood in the holes and seams.

dog bed 3

4. Once our Dap dried, we sanded over those areas, and prepped for painting. We chose to go with Antique White that we distressed and glazed over.

Oh, and CHECK OUT the ADORABLE little legs and finials for the top of our posts…

dog bed 4

We purchased these at Lowe’s. They were only a few bucks each and are solid wood. They all screw in easily.

We did have a little bit of a OOPSIE with the glaze, but thankfully everyone pitched in and helped…

glazing party

5. Finally, we added our feet and finials, and sealed everything.

dog bed 6


And here is our finished product…

end table puppy bed 1

gingerbread dandelion chelette

Oh, and how do y’all like the picture hanging above her bed? I was putting some pictures in new frames the other day, and this was one of the “shop” photos in one of the frames. Our youngest daughter wanted to keep it, and the next thing I knew, she had it hanging up above Ginger’s bed. HAHA! ;)

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