Dining Room Set Refinish For Ms. Laura

Dining Room Set Refinish For Ms. Laura

Hi Friends, and Happy Monday! Today we are are sharing a GORGEOUS antique dining  set refinish for one of our sweet clients, Ms. Laura! We actually have several pieces that we recently repaired and refinished for her, but we will separate them into multiple posts to make things a bit easier.

Ms. Laura’s daughter, Tiffani, initially found us a few years back when she needed her dining set refinished. It was a very sentimental set for their family since it had been passed down to her from her grandmother. Since then, we have had the honor of building and refinishing several pieces for the homes of both of these wonderful ladies. Most recently, we refinished several pieces for Mrs Laura, including the dining set that we are going to reveal to all of you today!

Mrs. Laura has had this beautiful set for quite some time now, and it was in need of some REPAIRS along with a REFINISH. She had been in love with the set that we had initially refinished for her daughter, Tiffani, and asked that we refinish her set to match! We were of course very happy to do so since we absolutely loved the finish that we completed on her set as well!

We began by making our needed repairs. We first replaced a broken spindle along the bottom needed to attach the legs and to provided stability of the base. So, we custom cut and remade this piece to match the other 3 that were still intact. We then buffed out any scratches and filled nicks to help create a SMOOTH finish to work with.

Then we got to the FUN part! We went with a lovely Carrington stain for the top, and then an Antique White base. We then distressed and aged it to PERFECTION! It fits so well with the antique style of feel of this set. As for the chairs, Ms. Laura already had the seats covered in this FABULOUS fabric, so we left that and then refinished the other portions of the chairs to match the table base.

And here is our FINISHED product…

laura collage 1

laura collage 2

Here are our BEFORE and AFTER pictures…

laura collage 4

laura collage 5

laura collage 6

Broken spindle connecting legs REPLACED and REPAIRED.

Thanks again, Ms. Laura, for entrusting us with the refinish of your dining set. As always, you are such a BLESSING to work with! 

Don’t forget to KEEP AN EYE OUT for the upcoming posts of the other pieces that we refinished and repaired for Ms. Laura!


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