Chest Coffee Table And Picture Frame Up-Cycled From Antique Door

Chest Coffee Table And Picture Frame Up-Cycled From Antique Door

Happy Friday, Friends! What could be better than UP-CYCLING 1 piece into another piece? UP-CYCLING 1 piece and getting 2 NEW pieces, OF COURSE! 😉 Check out this BEAUTIFULLY RUSTIC chest coffee table and matching window/picture frame that we just finished for our sweet client, Kailey! We actually finished it last week, but since it was a SURPRISE for her husband and his family members, we held off on posting it until now!

You see, these 2 pieces used to be 1! They started out as a lovely ANTIQUE DOOR from Bryce’s (Kailey’s husband) great grandmother’s home. Since the house is sadly having to be torn down, their family removed as much as they could to keep for SENTIMENTAL purposes. So, when Bryce headed out of town last week, Kailey quickly brought us the door so we could get to work on it while he was away. We had 3 days to start and finish everything, and we THANKFULLY did it just in the nick of time! (Seriously, we only had a few hours to spare before Bryce returned home early… WHEW!)

So, here is how it ALL went down… Kailey wanted the bottom portion of the door to be made into a chest style coffee table. And when she dropped it off, we got to talking and she asked if the top portion of the door could be re-purposed into a window/picture frame. (Why, of course!) We also kept everything as ORIGINAL as possible. We removed the hinges from the door and used them for the top of the coffee table. We also re-used the door knob plates… one each piece. We were unfortunately unable to re-use the door knobs, but we were able to find these beauties that worked PERFECTLY!

jenkins 3

Aren’t these antiqued glass knobs simply GORGEOUS!?!? And to match the color theme in their home, we added a little patina, as well as a POP of color with teal on the face plates.

THANK YOU, again, to the Jenkins family for allowing us to work on these sentimental pieces for your family. We had a BLAST, and are very HAPPY to hear that everyone LOVED them. 🙂

jenkins 4

jenkins 5

Here are our BEFORE and AFTER pictures of this project:

jenkins 1

And here are some picture of the coffee table set up in our clients’ home…

jenkins 6

jenkins 7

jenkins 8

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