Check Out The Finish On Our Trestle End Tables!

Check Out The Finish On Our Trestle End Tables!

Hi friends! Here’s a little SNEAKY PEEK of the finish that we went with for our Trestle End Tables! Since no one claimed them last night, we decided to go ahead and finish them how we wanted.

We chose a neutral color palette, so they will match just about ANY color theme! And the color that we are using is BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW! It is called “White Cottage,” and we LOVE it! It is SIMPLE, CLASSIC, and FARMHOUSE CHIC all rolled into one! And it goes perfectly with the rustic feel of these trestle end tables.

We should have them completed within the next day or 2. SO KEEP AN EYE OUT for our finished reveal!

If you are just joining us and would like to see a full view of our completed testle end tables, you can view out pictures and post HERE.


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