Bedroom Set Refinish for the Arceneaux Family

Bedroom Set Refinish for the Arceneaux Family

Hi Friends, and Happy Monday! Today we are sharing a recent bedroom set refinish that we completed for the wonderful Arceneaux family! They have held on to this beautiful set for over 20 YEARS! And since their are building a new home, and plan on bringing this set with them, it was time to SPRUCE IT UP A BIT!

Since the tops were still in nice condition, they asked that we simply refinish the bottoms. And as for the paint color, they chose a gorgeous color called Linen. This is actually the same color that we used on another bedroom set that we recently refinished for the Mire family. It is the PERFECT shade of “Off White.” Not too dark, and not too light.

After we fully painted everything, we then added some distressing…. just enough to have a bit of a worn feel, but not necessarily too rustic. And since the natural color of the wood was so light, we custom mixed a stain color to match the tops and then applied it to all of our distressed areas. Now the tops and bottoms are all tied in, and have a more uniform look.

Since the handles and knobs were all in great condition, we simply sprayed them with Aged Copper. This gave their hardware a totally NEW and UPDATED look! Now they POP off of the Linen background. The hues in the Aged Copper flow seamlessly with the amber hues in the tops. And after a few coats of sealant, this set is beautiful and ready to go another 20 years!

This set now has an UPDATED, CLEAN, and very FRESH look and feel! And if you ask us, the transformation is OUT OF THIS WORLD fabulous! The new lighter color will also be sure to brighten up the space this newly refinished set will be soon be gracing!

Thanks again Felix and Connie! Y’all were an absolute pleasure to work with and we hope y’all enjoy your newly refinished set! ๐Ÿ™‚

Below we have added the pictures of the FINISHED PRODUCT of each piece, as well as some BEFORE and AFTER pictures:

Tall Boy Dresser:

connie tall boy collage 2

connie tall boy collage 1

Queen Bed:

connie bed collage 2

connie bed collage 1


connie nightstand collage 2

connie nightstand collage 1

Vanity Dresser:

connie vanity collage 2

connie vanity collage 1



  1. Connie Arceneaux :

    Thank you it’s more than I expected.

    • It was our absolute pleasure, Connie! We had a wonderful time working with you and Felix and look forward to seeing pictures of everything set up in your beautiful new home. ๐Ÿ™‚

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