Bedroom Set For Princess Penelope

Bedroom Set For Princess Penelope

Hi Friends and Happy Tuesday! We have been tempting all of you lately with our SNEAKY PEEKS (You can view those posts HERE and HERE) of this baby bedroom set, and we are THRILLED to finally have it completed, and to be able to share it with everyone!

To begin, we would like to introduce all of you to sweet Princess Penelope

baby penelope walker

She is absolutely PERFECT! SWOON <3

She is not technically able to enjoy her new bedroom set at the moment, but she will soon enough!

We have been working for the past several weeks with the Walker family on a gorgeous bedroom set FIT FOR A PRINCESS! They are currently expecting their first little bundle of joy, and they are absolutely overjoyed! And we were equally as excited to have had the opportunity to work on this bedroom set with them for the upcoming arrival of their precious little girl! And if there is one thing I can say about this Mamma-to-Be, it is that she is a big time planner! This sweet princess is not due for another 5 months, but Mrs. Walker is already beyond PREPARED! (A Mamma after my own heart!)

The Walkers already had a style and color in mind for the baby bed, but we came up with our own design for the changing table. Both were 100% handmade from START to FINISH, and had such a wonderful time working on them since they were new designs. And as a matter of fact, this was our first time build on the baby bed, which we always enjoy having an opportunity to build something BRAND NEW! We have added some pictures below, as well as some fun little details on each piece….

The baby bed is a 3-in-1 and features an ELEGANT solid wood paneled headboard highlighted and framed with fabulous CHUNKY molding! It can initially be used as a a traditional baby bed as shown in the picture below. Next the front rail can be removed to transition into a day toddler bed. And lastly, the side rails can be removed, and the headboard and matching foot board that we made to transition into a full size bed. So, it will grow with their sweet baby girl through the years. Talk about a WISE INVESTMENT! Plus, I just LOVE pieces that are equally FUNCTIONAL as they are BEAUTIFUL.

walker baby bed collage 1

And as for the changing table, the Walkers decided against a wooden inset box on top for the changing pad. Instead they will just use the changing pad alone, and that way once little Miss Penelope potty trains, they can toss the changing pad and TRANSITION the use of the changing table into a totally NEW piece! It would work great for toy storage,  they could add a t.v. on top and use as an entertainment console, clothing, shoes, dress-up outfits, extra bedding, etc….. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

walker changing table collage 1

Also, another really cool feature is that the top drawer is super DEEP and will be used as a diaper drawer! This means that diapers can be placed vertically inside, which allows for easy access and storage. NO MORE DIAPER HANGERS! Woo Hoo! And the enclosed cabinet underneath offers some great hidden organization potential. Simply slide in a few baskets, crates, or or storage bins on the top shelf, and place extra blankets and/or extra bedding on the bottom shelf.. and you’re all set!

walker dresser collage 2

And lastly, we refinished this lovely dresser which was such a special piece because it belonged to Mr. Walker when he was a little boy. So, this was a nice sentimental hand-me-down to his daughter. And it was still in pretty good shape… other than reinforcing some of the drawers, it really had no other structural damage or issues. Although, it was definitely high time for a little UPDATING!

So, here was the dresser BEFORE….

walker dresser before 4

Several of the drawers were not working properly, and had issues sliding in and out, Also, some of the bottoms needing reinforcing. There was also the predicament of the large holes left from the original style of drawer pulls that were currently on the dresser. So, once we completed our repairs, and fully stripped, sanded, and cleaned the dresser, and began our task of FILLING these large holes so we could have a nice FLAT, SMOOTH, WORKABLE surface…

walker dresser holes filled

And they turned out BEAUTIFULLY! As you will see in our before and after pictures below, you cannot even tell these holes were ever there!

Once we finished making our repairs and completed our painting, we got to work on the finishing touches! In order to ensure that holes for our handles we all spaced properly, Patrick made his own jig. This always makes drilling those tedious holes for hardware a BREEZE….

walker dresser work collage 1

And while he was working on that, I began lining the insides of our drawers. I initially had to remove the old lining in the drawer. It had that old faux green marble contact paper in the bottoms of each . Y’all know what I am talking about… EVERYONE and their grandma used it back in the day… LITERALLY….

green marble liner

And the inset area in the top of the dresser had this yellow felt lining….

yellow felt

So, we removed all of that to get to the bare wood. Then we lined everything with this fabulous padded GRAY and WHITE DAMASK LINER…

damask liner

Since it is not contact paper, we did use a SPRAY ADHESIVE before laying it in each drawer. Only just enough so it will stay in place, but it is not permanent. So, the Walkers can always easily remove it if they choose to later on down the road. And the PERK is that it is not a fabric which means that it can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth if needed.

walker dresser work collage 2

This is what the interior of the drawers looked like BEFORE the old contact paper was removed, and what it looked like AFTER we lined them with the damask liner….

walker dresser work collage 3

We are head-over-heels for this new liner! It is so CLASSY, SOPHISTICATED, and matched the color of the furniture PERFECTLY! It was also fairly simple to apply, which is a BIG PLUS….

walker dresser work collage 5

walker dresser work collage 4

walker dresser collage 3

walker dresser collage 1

And can we just talk for a minute about these fabulous handles, and finish on this set? Let me begin by saying that Mrs. Walker has such a great eye for sophisticated elegance. From the simple, yet classic design of each piece, to the color and finish in neutral gray tones… we simply can’t get over how much we are in LOVE with this set!

walker handles

The handles add a nice whimsical touch, as well as provide some contrast while pulling out the lighter shades of grays from the hand brushed finish on each piece. The brushed finishing process, called ‘decape’, opens the pores of the wood allowing us to go back with a lighter shade of gray in its grooves, imparting a slightly weathered look.  And the addition of the white and gray damask liner inside each of the drawers helps to pull the color theme together from the interior to the exterior of each piece. Altogether, it is absolute PERFECTION!

Thanks again to the sweet Walker family for allowing us to work with you on such a special project. We are so excited to meet Princess Penelope in a few months. We just know you will be incredible parents! 🙂

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