Baby Lincoln’s Toy Box

Baby Lincoln’s Toy Box

Hi Friends and Happy Monday! Check out this absolutely ADORABLE toy box that we just finished for the Cruise family! Now that their sweet baby boy is getting older, they needed something larger to hold his ever-growing number of toys. Until now, they have been storing them in a basket, but it is now OVERFLOWING with toys. So, Mrs. Cruise contacted us for some help in organizing and reclaiming her living room space.

For this piece, the Cruise family wanted something SIMPLE with a nice RUSTIC finish. We went with all solid wood construction, as always. This ensures that the toy box will have enough weight to it so it will not tip over as baby Lincoln is pulling up on it. And for an extra measure of security, we added a safety hinge on the inside attaching the lid to the box so it will not fall on him as he is playing. We don’t want any crushed fingers!

And as for the finish, the Cruise family asked that we use the same finish as we did on their decorative hanging window frame above their sofa. Both pieces will be sharing the same space, so it worked out PERFECTLY! So, we went with a classic Antique White and some nice distressing.

Here was our toy box once we completed out BUILDING and FINISHING portion….

lincoln letters 5

The Cruise family also wanted to PERSONALIZE it for their sweet boy by adding his name to the front. And we are so glad they did because it really added lots of CHARACTER to this piece! So, we added baby Lincoln’s name to the front and finished them in a new color called Equestrian Brown. It is really the perfect shade of brown, and the lettering offers a nice CONTRAST from the white background.

lincoln letters 1

lincoln letters 2

Look how nicely the colors POP now…

lincoln toy box 1

lincoln toy box 2

Hinge on the inside is a safety feature so the toy box lid will not fall on baby Lincoln. while he is playing.

lincoln toy box collage 1

The Cruise family sent us a picture of their new toy box. It is all set up and READY TO GO

lincoln toy box pic sent in

“It’s absolutely stunning! So much better than having a basket filled with toys in my living,” -Kaylin Cruise

kaylin toy box baptism

“This toy box was a perfect spot for all of his baptism goodies to display today 🙂 thanks again!” -Kaylin Cruise

Thank you again to the Cruise family for giving us the opportunity to make yet another fabulous piece for your beautiful home! We hope Lincoln gets lots of use out of his new toy box! 🙂

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