Antique Desk Chair Refinish

Antique Desk Chair Refinish

Hi Friends, and Happy Wednesday! Today we have a lovely new REDO to share with all of you! We recently repaired/refinished this FABULOUS antique desk chair for equally FABULOUS Mrs. Angie! She is updating her little office nook in her home, and was looking for a new office chair with a little character for her space. And when she ran across this beauty, SHE COULDN’T RESIST (And who could really blame her?)….

angie chair collage 7

It was a little tight, squeaky, and the wood was dry and brittle in some places. But other than needing a few repairs, it was one-of-a-kind piece! It is all solid wood, and even had wooden caster wheels, which you don’t see everyday! This piece was so FULL of POTENTIAL, and we simply couldn’t wait to dive right in and get started!

We began by dissembling all of our pieces. Next, we stripped, sanded, and cleaned everything. Then, we started on our repairs. We removed the old material in the core of the seat which was DRY ROTTEN, BREAKING OFF, and CRUMBLING OUT, and then replaced it with a brand new wood strip.

angie chair collage 1

Next, we injected some Briwax Chair RX into the loose joints. This allows them to SWELL, TIGHTEN, and RE-SECURES loose joints into place.

angie chair collage 2

This was the STEP-BY-STEP progression of our seat…

angie chair collage 5

As for the color, we went with a custom mixed grayish-blue, lightly distressed, and then we Antiqued the entire piece with black glaze. Even though this piece is entirely REPAIRED and REFINISHED, it still has that OLD CHARM and feel to it.

And as for the hardware, we cleaned it all up and went with an Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. We also stained the wooden wheels in a nice, rich Dark Walnut which pairs nicely with the deep color of the refinished hardware.

angie chair collage 8

angie chair collage 9

And in no time, we had her looking BETTER than NEW again! Here is our finished project…

angie chair collage 4

angie chair collage 3


angie chair collage 6

angie chair collage 8

angie chair collage 9

angie chair collage 10

Thanks again, Angie! We hope you and your family enjoy your newly refinished office chair! We had a wonderful time working together with you on this project, and look forward to working together on many more with you! 🙂


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