A Teacher’s Prayer

A Teacher’s Prayer

To all of our teachers, we haven’t forgotten about all of you! Here’s a GREAT prayer to pray over yourselves every morning. Since I will be homeschooling our children this year, I will personally use this one daily. Also, please know that we will also be praying for all of you, your students, and your classrooms this year. PRAYER REALLY DOES WORK! I know this to be a FACT! It can change things in ways NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE! We personally never went 1 day without praying over our children, as well as their teachers, and their school. And just because we are going to homeschool, that does not mean that we are going to stop. We will still start each and every day off with prayer.

So, teachers, please know that we are ROOTING for you! We are joining all of your in PRAYER. We are believing that God will be with all of you daily, and will create an atmosphere of peace in your classrooms. God can take what could potentially be an extremely difficult school year, and turn it around for HIS GOOD in the blink of an eye. Just remember to always focus on Him, and look to Him for ENCOURAGEMENT. 

You are IMPORTANT, your are LOVED, and you are so NEEDED! God BLESS you all! <3

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