5 Things: Our Hospital Day

5 Things: Our Hospital Day

Hi Friends! We have had so many of you checking up on us this week to see how Patrick’s procedure went on Monday. Well, we are happy to report that it went very well! Here are 5 little fun facts about how our day at the hospital went…

1. On Monday, Patrick went in to have a quick little procedure to implant a small heart monitor in his chest above his heart. It was scheduled for 8:00 am, which meant that we had to WAKE UP and leave the house earlier than we normally have to. This wasn’t the easiest of tasks because now that we are homeschooling, we have gotten accustomed to sleeping in a bit. And this time, we were bringing our kiddos with us. On top of an already early appointment, we decided to ahead and leave a little earlier that we typically would have since the hospital is a 30 min drive from our home, and we wanted to make sure we would make it on time because traffic can be somewhat of an issue in that area. Well, we got there on time, THANK THE LORD! Patrick went immediately back to get prepped, while the kids and I sat in the waiting room. And this picture of our youngest son depicts how we were all feeling… 

pat heart mon collage 1 That BLANK stare, NO talking or movement, poor baby was still trying to WAKE UP! 😉

2. Once everyone got settled, we patiently sat and waited for an update. Our oldest daughter, being the little mamma that she is, had packed coloring books, colors, and some fun things to keep everyone entertained. She did this all on her own, without Patrick or I even asking. As she has gotten older, she has become such a responsible little lady, and we can trust her to make good, sound decisions, and she helps us out tremendously. I am so proud of her, and BEYOND GRATEFUL that God blessed our family with her…

pat heart mon collage 2

3. After waiting for about 30 min in the waiting room, a nurse came and asked if I would like to go to the back to see Patrick. I told her I would love to, but had all 4 of my kiddos with me. So, she told me to hold on a moment. She quickly popped back around the corner and said they told her to bring everyone. So we packed up our stuff and away we went!

4. We got to the back right before they brought Patrick into surgery. We were able to quickly HUG, KISS, and LOVE on him, then off he went. The kids and I were about to head back into the waiting room, but the nurse told us that we were more than welcome to stay and relax in the room. The kids had their very own personal t.v. where they could pick their own shows to watch. It had an extendable arm, and they thought it was just the BEST EVER!

pat heart mon collage 3

The sweet nurse even brought them a blanket to lay on the floor so they could STRETCH out while we waited…

pat heart mon collage 4

pat heart mon collage 5

We were so THANKFUL that the hospital was once again very accommodating, even with a room full of kids! Although, I will say that that they were all so quiet and well behaved throughout our wait, which is not an easy task…  As an adult, I can even get a little stir crazy at times.  So, kudos to them! They made me very PROUD. 

5. Not long after, Patrick was returned to us SAFE and SOUND. And the great part is, this new heart monitor will send daily recordings to his doctor’s office. It can be left in for up to 3 years, and will give us so much PEACE of MIND in knowing that we will be notified of any future heart issues that may occur from this point forward. We are hoping this will be the final procedure he will every have to undergo. Our faith is stronger than it has EVER been, and we fully believe that God has Patrick on the road to RECOVERY!

P.S.: Thanks again to everyone who has checked up on us, and sent well wishes, prayers and encouragement! We appreciate each and every one of you! <3

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