5 Things: Our Father’s Day… The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

5 Things: Our Father’s Day… The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

Hi Friends and Happy Father’s Day to all of our daddies and daddies-to-be! We have had a wonderful day showering Patrick with love, and now that we are home and he is taking a little evening Father’s Day nap, I decided to sneak on here and write a little post for all of you about the ADVENTUROUS day that we have had. So here it goes…

5 Things: Our Father’s Day… The Good, The Bad, and The Funny:

1. So, here is how our morning began…. Well, I should really give y’all a little backstory first. I was FORCED BEYOND MY WILL to take a HUGE portion of cake home from the baby shower yesterday. And not just ANY section of cake, it was more like the entire side which had an ENORMOUS amount of LUSCIOUS FROSTING. Which I usually do not complain about free cake, but this cake was DANGEROUS y’all!

It was a fabulous, homemade, incredibly moist, creamy, rich, buttery, melt in your mouth, almond flavored cake…. And it tasted exactly like Wedding Cake. And here’s the problem, Wedding Cake is my one weakness! It is my favorite and I lose all of my senses and become completely clutched in its grasp while in its presence. Well, on my way home yesterday evening, I tried my very best to get rid of it all. I dropped some off to my grandparents, and then brought the rest to the boys. I left it on the counter hoping they would devour every last morsel.

But when I woke up this morning and headed into the kitchen, there it was… just STARING at me! One glorious piece of cake left. It was as if Jesus had saved it just for me! I tried to resist at first, but as I walked past to retrieve the coffee creamer from the fridge, I got one heavenly sniff and immediately fell into its evil clutches. I had no other choice but to gobble it up at once. Plus, you know that I am an adult, and it IS technically okay for me to eat cake for breakfast… And that is EXACTLY what I did.

cake for breakfast

2. After wiping the cake crumbs from my mouth, I pulled myself together and I quietly ran to get our kiddos up and to remind them that it was Father’s Day today. I wanted this to be the very first thing out of their lips this morning when they saw Patrick. This is when things began to go a little CRAZY! One of our kids wished Patrick and Happy Mother’s Day. (Ehmmm…. We just laughed and kept rolling with the punches.) Then, I tried to secretly pull everyone aside to ask where they would like to bring daddy for lunch, and here were the answers I received: 1. Taco Bell 2. Wendy’s 3. Ramen Noodles 4. Lunchables (Ummm…. that’s a NO-GO people!)

3. After all of those shenanigans, I glanced over at the clock and realized we only had 35 minutes to get ready before leaving for church! (WHAT IN THE WORLD!?!?) And mind you, we were all still in our p.j.’s! And my shirt that I had planned on wearing today was still damp in the dryer. Everything seemed to be heading downhill F.A.S.T. Well friends… we somehow entered into an alternate universe where NOBODY COMPLAINED, EVERYONE WORKED TOGETHER as a TEAM, and we left ON TIME! And not to mention, we made it to church 30 minutes early! By all accounts, it doesn’t make sense! Haha!

4. On our way home from church… kids, sunglasses, and watermelon in tow (Yes, they handed out watermelons and sunglasses to all of the dads for Father’s Day because we go to the coolest church ever!)…

fathers day 9

We chose NOT to take our children’s culinary advice, and instead stopped at one of our most FAVORITE places to eat some Mexican food…. Y.U.M.!!! That surprisingly went without a hitch, and here we all are enjoying eating outside on the patio…

fathers day 1

The rain held off and there was a slightly less scorching breeze blowing than that of late. (After all, it is June and we are in Louisiana. At this point, we just take what we can get and we are happy about it.)

5. And lastly, we stopped to to visit with our sweet Paw Paw and brought him a Key Lime Pie, which is his favorite dessert in the whole world. I don’t know about y’all, but we basically do not have any family gatherings unless a Key Lime Pie is present! It’s just our thing. Or maybe it’s a Southern thang? I don’t really know, but it is a tradition that none of us are willing to part with any time soon!

So we each had a slice of pie, and got to spend a while chatting and laughing with our grandparents and just had he BEST TIME. We love you Paw Paw and are so happy we got to spend some time honoring you this Father’s Day! You have been a good daddy to us all, and we are THANKFUL and APPRECIATIVE for all that you have done to help us grow. We love you forever! 

fathers day 4

And before I let y’all go, I just have to share a little sheet that our baby girl filled out for her Daddy today at church. It is always HILARIOUS yet INCREDIBLY SWEET and humbling to see life through the eyes of a child….

fathers day 8

The second one down on the left makes my heart SWELL! <3 And the 4th down on the left is totally prophetic!

We would like to wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all of our Daddies and Daddies-to-be! Y’all are AMAZING, LOVED, and APPRECIATED more than you could ever imagine! Be blessed, Friends! <3


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