5 Things: Baby Shower Honoring Little Miss Hailey Grace

5 Things: Baby Shower Honoring Little Miss Hailey Grace

Hi Friends and Happy Friday! We have been so BUSY with orders, and I am just now getting a chance to post about the FUN and TOTALLY GIRLY baby shower from a few weeks back. I apologize for not having the opportunity to do so sooner, as we have had several of you ask about it since. Well, it went wonderfully, and everyone had a great time. Plus the family received some wonderful gifts for their baby girl.

***WARNING: Men, proceed with caution as this post is overflowing with EVERYTHING FUN, SPARKLY, PINK, and FABULOUS! Your mind will automatically be infiltrated with all things girly. The images below will never be able to be unseen, and may make you have uncontrollable feelings of wanting to attend a baby shower A.S.A.P. ***

Now that we have that taken care of… welcome to the SECRET WORLD OF BABY SHOWERS! ๐Ÿ˜‰ …

So here are my top 5 things I think you should know about our time at the baby shower:

1. This was a super SPECIAL baby shower to help decorate for because it was for my cousin, Ryan, and his wife, Keri! And they are expecting their first child, sweet Hailey Grace!

Here is the beautiful Mamma-to-be, Keri…

baby shower collage 2

This is her first time expecting, and she is absolutely RADIANT!

2. We basically had free-reign to decorate how we liked, so we went TOTAL GIRLY-GIRL! We are talking RAINBOWS, SPARKLES, FLOWERS, BALLOONS, GLITTER… y’all get the point! HAHA! It was so much fun, and we had an absolute BLAST! The only bummer was that our glitter spray went crazy and stopped working… but we just had to pull ourselves together and keep moving forward, which is pretty hard WITHOUT GLITTER SPRAY! We also went a little old school with crepe paper. The streamers, flowers, etc… were all handmade thanks to lots of help from my aunt! She totally rocked it out!

baby shower collage 7

And here is a SMALL potion of some of the incredible food and desserts that everyone MUNCHED on (BTW this is THE CAKE I was telling y’all about on Father’s Day. It was TO-DIE-FOR! You can read all about it HERE.)…

baby shower collage 8

Petit fours, cakes, and a Blow Pop garden! Our guests were all set! Haha! On each Blow Pop, it says, “Ready To Pop!” ;)

3. The only thing Keri requested was that we NOT plan any party games. REQUEST GRANTED! So, we added some other fun additions for guests like a photo booth where guests could write special messages on a small chalk board, which everyone LOVED, and 2 special tables that I will go into a little more details about below.

-Diaper Mail: For this, we laid out several packs of diapers and markers, and guests wrote on them. Some were encouraging, and others hilarious. But at the end of the day, we wanted to bless the parents with something to lift their spirits during those 3:00 am feedings and diaper changes. This way, they can get a little reminder of something uplifting during those somewhat difficult times filled with exhaustion. (Can we get an AMEN from all of our sweet Mammas and Daddies out there!)

baby shower collage 14

-Inspirational Cards: Instead of having guests write in a book, we decided to have them each write on a card. This way, all of their wonderful advice could be easily slipped into their baby book or photo album just as a photograph could be. This make things a bit easier while they are scrap booking as well.

4. There were so many amazing guest (OVER 80) who came to the shower, and they truly blessed this family with the most incredible gifts. For being first time parents, I would say they are now overly-prepared for the birth of this sweet baby girl, which I know brings this first time Mamma such much needed peace of mind…

baby shower collage 5

5. By the end of the shower, baby Hailey Grace received tons of wonderful presents, and guests had a fun time showering her Mamma with lots of love. And check out this adorable picture at the photo booth of one of her future little friends who is very READY TO MEET HER…

baby shower collage 6

Keri and her mamma are best friends, so these 2 girls are going to be so stinkin’ adorable together once they get a little older.

We had lots of fun celebrating the baby shower in honor of Hailey Grace! And I even brought my own girls along for the ride! Which they thought it was the coolest that this was an GIRLS ONLY PARTAYYY! My youngest daughter kept saying, “So, you’re telling me there are NO BOYS ALLOWED?” HEHE! I couldn’t stop laughing!

And if y’all were wondering what my girlies enjoyed the most, it was this…

baby shower collage 10

They took pictures at the photo booth 99% of the time! And I, of course, had to join them for a few!

After 2 fun-filled days of DECORATING, PARTYING, and EATING…We were pooped out. Here was my oldest daughter at the end of the day…

baby shower collage 1

We were all ready for a N.A.P.

Thanks again Ryan and Keri for allowing us to be part of such a special day! We are so looking forward to meeting Hailey Grace in a few short months!

baby shower collage 9

And I also wanted to share the whimsical, hand painted sign that we made for them as a gift because the story behind it is just too sweet. When Keri first found out she was pregnant, she was feeling really nervous. One day God spoke these 3 words to her, “Embrace the Adventure!” It filled her with peace, and that is exactly what she has been doing ever since! God and His timing are always perfect!

embrace the adventure 1

P.S.: I thought y’all would appreciate some of our bloopers. A.K.A. when we were DELUSIONAL and STARVING after the first day of decorating for about 8 hours straight! Our diet consisted of RICE CAKES, WASABI ALMONDS, and more COFFEE than any human should be allowed to consume within a 24 hr time period! Don’t judge, we were in decorating mode, and kind of look like a bunch of crazies who don’t own a hairbrush or stick of make-up between the 3 of us! Bat we had tons of fun and shared continual laughs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

baby shower collage 11

baby shower collage 13

baby shower collage 12

ba shower 1

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