20 Ways To Enjoy Fall With Your Family

20 Ways To Enjoy Fall With Your Family

Check out this amazing FALL TO-DO LIST that we found on togetherwithfamily.com! It is probably the best one that we have ever come across. We especially LOVE the ideas of a starting a GRATITUDE JOURNAL, and a THANKFUL TREE. Y’all know by now that we should always be THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for absolutely EVERYTHING that the good Lord has blessed us with. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We of course LOVE #3 and #16 on the list…. HAVE A BONFIRE and MAKE S’MORES! HAHA! I think that it is pretty much safe to say that we have already marked those items off of our list a time or two… or TEN! We can’t help it, we just enjoy them so much. And we will probably have about 100 more before the end of fall.

Another thing that we look forward to EVERY FALL is going to our local PUMPKIN PATCH. (Y’all know that we always love to shop at, and support our local businesses. So, why not have some fun while we are doing it?) It has become a fun family tradition. We enjoy going just as much as our kiddos. And the best part is, they add new things every year. So, we EXCITEDLY look forward to what the new year has in store. We always have LOADS of fun, and we CANNOT wait to head there in a few short weeks.

What are some fun family traditions that you and your family have for fall? We would love to hear all about it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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